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The Friendship is a relation which is everlasting here you can see the Quotes of Great men about Friendship.
S.No Friendship Quotes
1 I plant flowers every spring and nurture their splendid growth, for they teach me the way of friends and of flowers that are cherished for nothing more than the simple beauty they posses. -
2 Jeevan ID.ZAXZ5246.9930912594 - 105
3 Your only as health as your fitness routine - Fitness Tips - Fitness Company
4 Your only as health as your fitness routine - Fitness Tips - Fitness Company
5 The Most Enjoyable Fitness Gyms - Feedback for Mapping Application - Provided by a Fitness Company
6 i am sushil from india - mumbai city looking for relationship no agr matters so catch my - sushil99
7 what is life without friends and love ones?boring!!!! the idea that some cares for you adds value to your humanitarian existence on this land of the living.we only have today,tomorrow might not be for us.why don't we share our world together as friends?make fun and enjoy our day - NANA ASIEDU
8 Because Service to Humanity is the best work of Life.Earth's great treasure lies in Human personality - Rufus Kwenah
9 fools die for wants of wisdom-bismark yeboah -
10 fools die for wants of wisdom-bismark yeboah -
11 fools die for wants of wisdom-bismark yeboah -
12 fools die for wants of wisdom -
13 Jeevan my ID ZAXZ5246.mumbai. -
14 Jeevan shathi talash jagadish.+918879402404 -
15 Love is nothing but an accident of life -
16 - joseph
17 - joseph
18 please friend contact this website for us to do bisiness. - joseph
19 Life has no blessing like that of a loving friend. - Bambi
20 Hi, this is OMMAN male 22. (student M.A) I am alone but god bless. I love helping others, spreading peace and devining faith. I hate violence and lies dishonesty. I am looking for a good girlfriend to love, share my joy, happiness, knowledge, peace etc. Do not about me, do not afraid because our lord name is lord he GENERATES, OPERATES, and DESTROYS. Making friend equals to making masque, making churc etc. Where god presents. If i want i can make a acquainted girlfriend but it will be surprise to make a unkown girlfriend because angels are live in earth who are unknown to us. My email Id is - welcome
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